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Have you ever wondered how people “make it” in life? Here’s the secret to success in your mom life!

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07-06-2022 • 4 min

Have you ever wondered why most people who “make it” have such boring principles of success?

I mean, you read their books and go, “This is nothing new. Why’d I waste my time on that?”

We instinctively want something new – invigorating – breathtaking – that’s the “hidden secret to success” that really WILL change our lives in an instant.

Is there such a thing? Really?

I think there is a replicable “secret to success”…. But it’s not as flashy as you think. (Or hope.)

So if you’re in the business of life change, or you’re desperate to find something that works (‘cause this rut you’ve been stuck in forever is really starting to annoy you), then let’s learn about the everyday secret of transformation that I’ve been using on my life for the past several years.

What you’ll learn:

·        If you don’t take the time to stop and think, you’ll stay stuck in that vague feeling of “I don’t like my life.”

·        If you’re serious about life transformation, you’re going to need dedicated space to throw around options and brainstorm.

·        Why you need to evaluate after you pick an option and try it out.

So if you’ve got a perennial success problem somewhere in your life, I want you to make space for these three things so that that life transformation can happen.

1.     Space to ask yourself what’s working and what’s not

2.     Space to brainstorm solutions

3.     Space after you tried out solution #1 to see if it didn’t work, went well, or could be made better

Which annoying thing in your life right now are you going to hit with the “space times three” tactic?

You’ve got this!


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