Recovery Corner, an Averhealth Podcast


Recovering from substance use disorder is hard. It’s an arduous journey that takes time, commitment – and lots of support from loved ones and the community. For justice-involved individuals with substance use disorder, it’s about following a strict regimen guided by judicial supervision and accountability. We will introduce you to those making a difference to help you, your family, friends, and neighbors navigate the road to recovery. You’ll meet court and probation professionals on the front lines of the nation’s drug pandemic. You’ll hear from experts about how drug testing works – and why it’s essential to get your life back. And, from time to time, you’ll meet those who will share their successes. Whether you’re in recovery, supporting a loved one, or working with clients, you’ll come away with a better understanding of the many facets of helping those in need. Join the Averhealth team as we explore this topic based on our 27 years of partnering with probation, parole, pretrial supervision programs, treatment courts, and social service agencies serving 2,700 programs nationwide. read less
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