122. Lessons Learned from a Billionaire About Legacy

The Rainmaker Family Show | Time Leverage & Financial Legacy for Entrepreneurs

28-07-2023 • 32 min

Hello, Rainmaker Family! Today, we're bringing you an extraordinary story that's sure to inspire. Imagine spending eight hours with a billionaire whose business generates over $8 billion in sales annually. Sounds incredible, right? Well, that's precisely what happened when we met David Green, the founder of Hobby Lobby! We can’t wait to tell you all about our experience.

This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came to us through a fantastic mastermind group we are apart of! But our meeting with David wasn't just about business strategies. It was about something much more profound - the art of legacy creation and building a business that will last for a thousand generations.

David Green and the Green Family have built Hobby Lobby into a powerhouse with over a thousand locations, all managed from one mega warehouse. Talk about leveraging efficiency! The moment we drove up to the property, this got us reflecting on how we can streamline and scale our own business.

But what truly resonated with us was the emphasis Hobby Lobby places on family values and vision. They conduct regular family meetings to define their values, mission, and vision. We've been doing this for our business, but now we're inspired to implement the same for our family, strengthening our legacy.

The Green family understands the power of stories in shaping culture. They weave narratives that define their family's DNA and leave a lasting impact on future generations. This is legacy creation in action!

This experience has fueled our passion to create a legacy that our children and their children will cherish. We're eager to pass down our values, share meaningful stories, and instill a spirit of generosity in our little ones. As we learned from David Green, success isn't just about financial gain – it's about making a lasting impact.

We're still processing all the golden nuggets from our time with David Green. We've scheduled a date night to delve deeper and put some of these insights into action. After all, there's a difference between learning and taking action.

We hope that as we share our journey, you too will feel inspired to take action and impact your family. Remember, you don't need to fully agree with everyone you learn from. The key is to find the golden nuggets that resonate with you and apply them to your life.

Eager to hear more about our day with David Green? We've got you covered! Hit play now to delve deeper into the insights we gained. Remember, Rainmakers, we're on this journey together. Let's continue to create leverage, build thriving legacies, and transform our lives!

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Episode: minute by minute

  • 1:01 Stephen and Chelsey meet the legendary David Green, founder of Hobby Lobby!

  • 2:15 David Green's master plan for a legacy that echoes through generations, building an empire that leaves a lasting mark.

  • 3:22 Stephen and Chelsey reveal the importance of taking action.

  • 5:14 An exhilarating recap of the episode's juiciest takeaways on leaving an impactful legacy.

  • 7:53 Hobby Lobby's ingenious simplicity and remarkable scalability.

  • 10:07 The Green Family's top-secret playbook for extraordinary family meetings.

  • 11:40 The profound significance of reinforcing family values, vision, and mission.

  • 14:08 The enchanting allure of storytelling binding generations with wisdom.

  • 16:08 David Green's heartwarming philosophy on nurturing generosity in kids.

  • 17:37 Practical and awe-inspiring ways to involve kids in giving back.

  • 18:16 Donor-Advised Funds are a game-changing tool for giving.

  • 18:17 David's brilliant fund setup directing funds towards noble causes.

  • 21:25 The heartwarming tale of family involvement in giving.

  • 22:45 Hobby Lobby's mission to give away 50% of profits.

  • 25:23 Reflect on the wisdom of building a legacy for future generations.

  • 28:00 David Green's sacred mantra of stewardship.

  • 29:00 The transformative power of teaching kids the value of hard work.

  • 30:05 The heart and soul of passing down cherished values and dreams.

  • 32:15 Stephen and Chelsey unveil their first Rainmaker Family children’s book!

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