128. Business Scheduling Hacks To Kick Mom Guilt To The Curb With Something New Founder Mindi Linscombe

The Rainmaker Family Show | Time Leverage & Financial Legacy for Entrepreneurs

08-09-2023 • 46 min

Welcome to another episode of the Rainmaker Family Show! Today, we've got a fantastic guest with us – Mindy Linscomb. She's not only the owner of one of the largest bridal stores in America, but she's also the host of the popular Something New show across various platforms. And guess what? She's been running her business for over 14 years while being a dedicated mom.

Mindy's journey is a powerful blend of entrepreneurship and motherhood, proving that these paths aren't separate but can indeed coexist. It's a road that many might find daunting, but she's here to share some invaluable insights that can help you navigate this exhilarating, yet challenging, journey.

Mindy opens up about the unique dream many of us have – the dream to be both a successful entrepreneur and a dedicated parent. It's that tug of war between chasing professional goals and cherishing family time that can leave you feeling like you're straddling two worlds. However, Mindy is living proof that finding equilibrium is possible!

In a world where work and family often seem to be at odds, Mindy's experience shines a light on the balance we all strive for. It's about embracing the power of structure, which ironically, paves the way to freedom. Mindy emphasizes that the key to this balance is clarity. Clear perspective, clear commitments, and clear boundaries.

One of Mindy's gems of wisdom is carving out distinct times for work and family. Imagine turning off the work mode completely when it's family time, and vice versa. This simple yet profound strategy is rooted in being truly present in the moment. This idea of "eyeball time," where you're fully engaged with your kids when you're with them, and completely immersed in work when you're at your desk, can drastically diminish that infamous guilt that many working parents know all too well.

But what about those moments when it all seems overwhelming? Mindy has a strategy here too – and it involves rest. Yes, rest. She advocates for making big decisions from a place of rest and clarity, not exhaustion or overwhelm. It's a reminder to avoid making major life choices when you're at your wits' end.

Now, for the nitty-gritty of business. Mindy is a true Rainmaker, exemplifying how you can thrive even in an industry as dynamic as the wedding business. She shares her insights on making impactful first impressions, whether through digital channels or in person. The secret sauce? Capturing the essence of your brand's vibe and using personalized touches to make your interactions unforgettable.

Mindy's journey is one of evolution, from working at all hours to implementing schedules that respect both her business and her family. It's a testament to the transformative power of recognizing your commitments, setting clear boundaries, and seeking support where needed. The result? A thriving business, flourishing family connections, and a sense of fulfillment that truly embodies the Rainmaker spirit. It's all about embracing structure, cherishing presence, and making decisions from a place of clarity.

Hit play to join the conversation and learn how to kick mom guilt to the curb!!

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Episode: minute by minute

  • 01:24: Introduction to Mindi Linscombe, her business and some tips for mom entrepenuers

  • 02:16: Mindi talks about the possibilities for mom’s that want to be entrepeneurs

  • 04:27 Mindi talks about the importance of planning “eye ball time” with your kids every day

  • 05:25 Guilt for mom’s especially, weighs them down and makes them incapable of doing anything

  • 07:25 There is freedom found in calendering your day and sticking to that schedule

  • 08:32 Mindi recommends asking mentors and role models to handle your childcare

  • 10:49 Learn how to make decisions and clarity with your time and allocate the week accordingly

  • 15:46 Mindi shares about her bridal shop business and how it sustained through the pandemic

  • 17:22 First impressions are key when having your own business, so every conversation matters

  • 19:50 Mindi strives to not to be a salesman, but to become a friend that can help solve a need

  • 22:16 Mindi shares how her business has shifted and evolved over the past 16 years

  • 25:47 In the early days of starting a business, take notes of what works and what doesn’t

  • 27:20 Mindi shares how she finds financial leverage in her bridal business

  • 32:10 Doing an overview of your business every 6 months helps you keep a pulse on everything

  • 35:54 Mindi dives into the topic of credit and how they’ve approched it for their business

  • 39:02 Working with your spouse and committing to one business together

  • 42:43 Mindi gives advice on how to make your spouse a beliver of your dream

  • 44:35 Ways to connect and follow Mindi and her bridal business, Something New

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