Epik Mellon - the QA Cafe Podcast

Jason Walls, Director of Technical Marketing at QA Cafe

Epik Mellon is a podcast about networks; the real people and crazy stories behind the amazing fact that the Internet even works. Networking folk are mavericks, adventurers, and nerds all rolled into one. Sponsored by QA Cafe, we discuss how people like us got into the field, the real issues and funny circumstances we've been in, and some real conversations about the state of the industry, technology, and the future of communications. If you ever wanted to know "how the sausage is made" behind network communications, you'll find it at Epik Mellon.

Epik Mellon is a portmanteau of "Mellon Epikoinonión" - a rough Greek translation of "the Future of Communications." It might also involve fruit sometimes. No promises.
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