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Lifefulness: Live Life Fully

Sanderson Jones

Lifefulness: Live Life Fully is all about helping you live life fully through Lifefulness - the clue is in the name.

Join Sanderson Jones, James Croft and an incredible guest in a no bullshit conversation about reimagining religion and remixing spirituality.

Think of Lifefulness as Thought for the Day after 4 beers, or On Being gone day drinking.

What will you get?

Each guest will have something to teach you, and us, about how to live life fully by looking to modern science as well as ancient wisdom.

What's Lifefulness? Lifefulness is a practice that reinvents the spiritual community, and approach to life, in a way that everyone can take part.

The pioneering approach was developed by our host, Sanderson Jones, at Sunday Assembly - the global network of secular and inclusive congregational communities. Now he and James are writing a book on Lifefulness.

So what are you waiting for?

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"Let's Celebrate Ordinary Human Flourishing" - w/ Gillian Straine #Ep 66
"Let's Celebrate Ordinary Human Flourishing" - w/ Gillian Straine #Ep 66
Gillian Straine is a remarkable woman, who has a physics pHd, then became a priest and now runs a charity that is exploring how churches can create health. As the healthcare system in the UK faces more strain, she sees congregations as vital way we can create wellbeing. On top of that, she's great company, which means she's pretty much our ideal guest.What we found particularly thought-provoking was the rich and progressive way she viewed health. Health isn't just not being sick, but being able to really flourish and grow as part of a society that is healthy. Her theology has led her to a definition of health that is totally aligned with that of many innovators in the healthcare space today.In this podcast she speaks about the charity that she leads, how she helps local vicars see their work through a healthcare lens, her struggle within the church and much else besides.You can follow her on Twitter @gillianstraineLifefulness ProjectInterviewing Gillian is part of our work at The Lifefulness Project to create a new science of secular and inclusive congregations. We believe the lessons from spiritual communities and congregations can be adapted in a way that can be applied in an organisation or community, or an individual's life.We are dedicated to building community online which leads to connection online, and we do that through our small groups. You can become a member here.Please subscribe to the podcast wherever you hear it. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
'The Neuroscience of Pandemic Grief' w/ Dean Burnett - #Ep 65
'The Neuroscience of Pandemic Grief' w/ Dean Burnett - #Ep 65
We love Dean Burnett: neuroscientist, comedian, author, journalist and general spreader of wisdom. On the pod we talk to him about the neuroscience of grief, which became a major focus when he lost his father to CovidHearing how he had to say goodbye over the phone to his unconscious Dad will leave you in bits (or at least it got to me). What makes Dean such a great guest is that he can switching between exploring the deep pain, to discussing a key academic finding, and then he'll throw in a joke.We discuss:Socially distant funeralsThe importance of funerals in grievingThe power of grief journals The death of Robin WilliamsSeparating science writing from politicsMore about Dean:Dean Burnett is a Welsh neuroscientist and author. He is best known for writing the book ‘The Idiot Brain’, which was shortlisted for the 2016 Goodreads Best Science & Technology Book Award. His books have been translated into more than twenty languages. He began his writing career as a result of his satirical science column ‘Brain Flapping‘ at the Guardian, which ran from 2012 to 2018 which was the most read on the Guardian science network, with over 15 million views since 2012. The blog now runs at the Cosmic Shambles network.Lifefulness CommunityWe always talk about the Lifefulness Community because that is what we're all about. The next intake of Lifefulness Small Groups is open now.Thanks so much for listening!Lifefulness Small Groups Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.
'Why Political Polarisation Is Bad For Your Health' w/ Jon Yates - #Ep 54
'Why Political Polarisation Is Bad For Your Health' w/ Jon Yates - #Ep 54
Well, this episode was a lot of fun. Jon Yates is an expert in the fabric of society itself, and his latest work shows how division in society isn't just unpleasant but bad for our economy, social mobility, and even our health. The leaping off point for this conversation is his new book 'Fractured' which draws on all his experience as one of the most successful charity leaders in the UK.Today he's the Executive Director of the Youth Endowment Fund, a £200m fund focused on integrating young people into society. He got there through Oxford University, working in councils, McKinsey and as co-founder of a series of charities and initiatives including The Challenge and More in Common aimed at improving life chances and understanding. These programmes now reach 1 in 6 Britons in their lifetime. Not bad.This conversation is super important, and made James and I even more committed to the idea of community (though we also have a good old disagreement which is also fun).Jon's Book:'Fractured' by Jon Yates - https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fractured-societies-coming-apart-together/dp/0008463964The Lifefulness CommunityIf you like what we talk about here, then check out our community: https://www.lifefulness.io/lifefulness-membershipSocial MediaSanderson Jones on Twitter: https://twitter.com/sandersonjonesThe Lifefulness Project on FB: https://www.facebook.com/thelifefulnessproject/The Lifefulness Project on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/thelifefulnessproject/ Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.