Ep #235 Ulrika Karlsson Is An Author, Shares How She Overcame Long Term Depression, Sleeping Only 15 Minutes Per Night, Suicidal Thoughts & How She Helps People Through Karma Cleansing Etc

The New Mind Creator

13-06-2022 • 41 min

“Back in 2008 Ulrika was completely burnt out and deeply depressed. She was also suicidal. With only 15 minutes of sleep per night, she woke up at 2:47 from horrible nightmares and in complete panic which is shared in her autobiography "2:47 The Journey Home to my Heart".

She came to a point where she had to choose between Life and Death. She chose Life – or Life chose her ...

Today she shares her experiences and embodied wisdom from her Heart. With nearly 30 years of experience of traditional Western and Eastern Holistic disciplines, Ulrika works with Holistic Health, personal development, and Inner Leadership. Her work as a Spiritual Teacher, International Author, Public Speaker, Yoga teacher, -therapist takes her around the globe to work with women of different ages, from all fields of Life.

The essence of Ulrika´s work is to increase consciousness, and to guide you into your Heart. Her book “Holy F*ck and Sacred water - The Secret Connections to Everything”is also here to make a difference.

One of her gifts is to help you to transform old Karma into flow, freedom, and being present with what is. Ulrika´s vision is simply to contribute to a more beautiful, happier, more conscious and loving world.

You can connect with her here:



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