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EP55 - You really should have been at CUAsia 2017

The Coworking Weekly Show

06-03-2017 • 1 hora 18 min

"Everything was really, really, really good." There's something in the air at CUAsia, and it's making coworking founders and operators extremely good at their work. In this episode, Alex and Adam recap their recent trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand for CUAsia 2017. Find out what impressed them most during their trip overseas and why they think even though Asia is young in terms of coworking, the entire region deserves our undivided attention as leaders of the industry.

While discussing the schedule of this year's conference, we dive into why we think CUAsia is far beyond the curve, why it feels like a coworking conference at its best, and why we think the Asia Pacific contingent of coworking professionals are primed to make big moves in our industry. Huge props to CAAP, Hubba, Hubud and so many more for putting in the work.

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