What could Aucklanders lose if Council's budget cuts go ahead?


28-03-2023 • 5 min

Auckland's Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB), a crucial social service, is at risk of closure if Auckland Council's budget cuts go ahead. Mayor Wayne Brown's budget plans include a NZ$2 million cut to the bureau's funding, which would severely impact its ability to operate.

Submissions on the budget plan have now closed, and the future of the bureau is uncertain. The bureau has been described as an integral part of Auckland's social fabric, providing free advice and support to those who need it most.

One individual who credits the bureau with changing her life is Eirian Perkins, a migrant who suffered a severe shoulder injury in 2020, leaving her unable to work. When she found herself in need of help, she had no idea where to turn until she discovered the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Perkins spoke to Tova O'Brien on Wednesday, detailing the support she received from the bureau during a challenging time.

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