Oloni’s TOP 3 secrets for great sex, how to talk dirty and uncovering hidden kinks

Bangin' with Chloe Veitch

27-09-2022 • 1 hora 4 min

“Ladies, let’s have some fun.” This week Chloe is joined by the podcaster, writer, sex educator and relationship coach Oloni! Oloni has recently written The Big O, “an empowering guide to loving, dating and f*cking” and she has all the answers to Chloe’s questions. They talk about how to stop faking oragsms and start having the sex you deserve, how to ask for what you want in the bedrooom, the best ways to start introducing dirty talk, how to explore kinks you didn’t know you had and Oloni’s 3 top tips for transofriming your sex life. This week there is also an extended advice section because if there’s anything Oloni is known for it’s giving great sex advice (and stirring the pot just a little).  Get in touch on email at banginwithchloev@gmail.com   Full episodes available YouTube channel: Bangin’ With Chloe Veitch - SUBSCRIBE!   Follow Bangin’ on TikTok: @banginwchloevpod   Follow Chloe: Instagram: @itschloeveitchofficial   TikTok: @itschloeveitch    Bangin’ with Chloe Veitch is part of the Eve Podcast Network and a Forever Dog Production.    Executive Producer: Tracy Soren Development Executive: Mariah Nickolas Senior Producer: Pulama Kaufman Producer: Ewan Newbigging-Lister Post Producer and Theme Song: Brian Heveron-Smith Cover Photo by Greg Bailey This episode of Bangin' with Chloe Veitch was recorded at Outset Studios in Hoxton Forever Dog Productions is Joe Cilio, Alex Ramsey, and Brett Boham Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices