LIAM 391 – Script Your Goals

Life Is A Marathon

16-11-2017 • 45 min

Are you a person who likes to set goals? Why do you set the goals you do? Do you write them out? Most people set goals by looking at what they have now and then adding a little increase to it. Then they make a bullet list that shows the category and the new goal. It's a very dry, unimaginative process. You should be enthusiastic about your goals because they are an expression of who you are becoming. They should be creative. You should live them out like you are acting out the script of a play! Listen as I explain: Listen on iTunes or Listen to/download this episode here: Love the show? Click here to Tweet a shoutout! Want to be a patron/supporter of the LIAM podcast? Click here. Mentioned in this show: Join the "Climber Community" Get a FREE copy of The Science of Getting Rich Join Bruce's Mastermind Group Worry No More! book Subscription/Social Links: Subscribe on iTunes! Subscribe on Stitcher Radio! Watch on YouTube! LIAM on Twitter: @LifeIs262 LIAM on Facebook / LifeIsAMarathon Subscribe to the LIAM Mailing List Bruce Van Horn on Twitter Bruce Van Horn on Facebook