Sneak Peek - Dory Horde Book Three - The City of Eight

How to Story

18-04-2023 • 37 min

This is the official sneak peek of the third and final collection of the Dory Horde stories published for Sparkle Stories.  This is the first episode of the twenty story collection that will continue on the Sparkle Stories platform in May.

David has produced nearly 1500 stories for Sparkle Stories and in this episode of the podcast, he talks a bit about the “story foraging” tool that is behind his productivity and prolific ability to write stories, articles, lessons and essays at a fast pace. It all has to do with how he listens and takes cues from his environment. This story series is testament to the story foraging process.

In this first episode of the new collection entitled “The City of Eight” we are reintroduced to the Dory family and are brought up to speed on the events that transpired over the past two years since their last adventure in Peru.

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