Introducing How to Story

How to Story

31-03-2023 • 4 min

Welcome to the How to Story podcast where David Sewell McCann, the storyteller behind Sparkle Stories audio stories and the How to Story school, looks at a particular storytelling or story listening skill or tool within the context of an audio story.

In each episode David teaches how to be more intentional with your storytelling and how to pay attention like a storyteller, by using one of his stories to unpack and demonstrate a particular skill.  The format is the same every week.  David introduces a storytelling skill that is useful for not only telling stories but communication in general.  This is then followed by a produced audio story that demonstrates the results of using that skill.  The stories and the storytelling tips focus not only on the content and telling of the content, but how to listen as well.  This is something that is often discussed in How to Story: story-listening as a valuable communication skill.

It is a unique way of approaching storytelling, but we believe it is the most effective and enduring way to communicate.  It's How to Story!

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