Nonverbal Communication - The Elephant in the Tavern

How to Story

09-04-2023 • 24 min

According to studies out of UCLA, nonverbal communication comprises at least 55% of all our communication. This means our posture, facial expressions, gestures and general body language is most of what we say to people.

The story “The Elephant in the Tavern” explores the idea that most of what people “say” is actually unsaid, and it claims that we are actually broadcasting precisely what we wish to keep secret: what we don’t want to say. So if this is actually happening, how do we conduct ourselves? How do we have a measure of control over what we are actually communicating to others all day long?

The How to Story approach is to simply know that you are doing this, and start to pay attention like a storyteller.

All our episodes offer storytelling tips and perspectives that can bring consciousness and intentionality to all our communication, not just when we spin a tale. You can learn more and even download a free mini-workshop at

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