Truth in Transformation - Ballad of the Bards

How to Story

11-04-2023 • 28 min

“Ballad of the Bards” is ultimately a story about how the incredible power of storytelling can be used, and is often used, to entrench oneself in old unhelpful dynamics. These two storytellers - a troubadour and a minstrel - have learned to despise each other by compounding the same old stories over and over. Ultimately the breakthrough happens through circumstance and the brave willingness to pay attention. It is only then that a kind of miracle can take place: they choose a different story.

This is something we all understand and suffer from. We repeat old stories and shackle ourselves to resentment and a blind desire to be right. We choose “right” over happy and thus sink deeper and deeper into unhealthy practices. The aim of this episode is to demonstrate a way out. To listen, to see, and then to choose something new.

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