Finding a Connection - The Whole Pie

How to Story

02-05-2023 • 28 min

Conscious Intentional Storytelling is a skill we all have, but few of us are conscious or intentional about it. We tell stories all day long without recognizing their impact, both on the listener and on ourselves. It truly is the foundation of our relationships and when we struggle, when we feel the rifts, it is storytelling that can help us restore the connection we seek. The trick is to believe that this is true and then be willing to try it out.

I call this Restorative Storytelling for a reason: it can bring wholeness back to things that feel broken, bruised or separated. One story can uncover an old resentment and make room for a new connection. Again, we just have to be willing to hear the story and then to participate in its telling. “The Whole Pie” is that kind of story. It is a story within a story, so it essentially repeats the main thesis: there is always a way, if you are willing to widen your attention and notice the connection.

There are two free workshops on the website that can help you with this skill. One is focused on vocality and the other is focused on building a connection before falling asleep.  Both will bring calm and confidence to your storytelling, and hopefully serve to restore and renew connections in your life.