Women, Spring into Leadership with Demetria Sloan – Connector (and coach)

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26-04-2021 • 1 hora 1 min

(Some of) The main points for listeners:

·       Leadership for women

·       Having a purpose and doing things in a meaningful way

·       Beliefs and how to change

·       Giving yourself permission to see the world differently

·       Are you letting yourself off the hook?

·       What leads people to seek coaching support

·       Life is a journey and not a destination

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You can skip to the sections you want using the following show notes:

[3:00] The Connector – Demetria’s A - ha moment after reviewing her Strengths finder profile.

[5:40] Having a purpose and doing things in meaningful ways – adding value by growing and building together.

[9:80] Leadership for women – say it on your chest - “I’m a Boss” – wearing your affirmation. Affirm your leadership.

[11:30] “I am deliberate and afraid of nothing”

[12:20] Change your vantage point, change your life. Just one inch to the left gives another view on the situation

[13:40] Belief change happens by changing one bit at a time

[14:10] Whenever there’s internal conflict there’s opportunity to change your belief system

[15:40] give yourself permission to see the world from a different view

[16:40] As humans we often fall back to old habits… and what to do about it

[18:30] hearing your coaches voice in your head “are you letting yourself off the hook?”

[19:20] Pearls for the Journey – A guide to a more fulfilling life. We all are natural pearls and have the ability to grow – remove some of the layers so you can be in your pristine state.

[22::20] Your health is your wealth and your wealth is wealth – make your money and your health your business. Sowing and Reaping.

[23:00] Sowing and Reaping. You have to prepare the ground to reap the rewards.

[24:20] Sometimes ‘we’ over think things... it’s our humanity that matters most. Be attentive to the things that matter – including the people we work with. Master life, master leadership.

[27:30] Take away all the trappings of life and what are we left with? Having a deeper connection with ourselves.

[29:20] Connecting with people in a more meaningful way. Pause and reflect.

[30:10] Start every day with a note of three things you are grateful for and begin every work day with a ‘round of good news’. We can always find something good.

[31:10] The experience of an African American woman living in America today and how gratitude plays such an important part in life.

[32:00] We’re all different and that’s ok. We all see the world differently and we can learn from each other. We all have so much to contribute.

[33:30] What leads people to seek coaching support – having something burning inside they want to get out or they find themselves ‘stuck’. I don’t know what I don’t know.

[35:20] How often do we overlook our own talents? Everything you need is within 6 degrees of separation around you.

[37:25] #1 Attitude of gratitude… #10 Enjoy the journey – if not we miss out on the key points

[39:50] Life is a journey and not a destination – ‘be’ part of the journey

[39:50] You don’t stop learning until the day you die

[40:50] Leaders are Readers and Readers are Leaders. Keep learning or you’ll plateau

[41:20] Spring into Leadership – Demetria’s annual conference

[42:50] The 6 Pillars – leadership, self-care, health, wealth, career and entrepreneurship

[46:00] The power of the support network… when you do what you need to do and step up

[48:17] Leadership is the foundation and women are natural leaders.

[40:50] The Spring into Leadership conference: the panel of men in discussion with women about talent and careers. What conversation are you having? Having honest and open conversations.

[53:40] Encouraging women to step up ‘POWHER’ – The Power Of Women

[54:50] what to do when the system is not serving you… create your own environment

[55:45] How do you show up in the system today?

[55:40] Lead with humanity, lead with your health in mind, with your mental health in mind…

[57:20] Culture is top down and bottom up

[58:50] Demetria’s top tip for learning / book / podcast – The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women (Elaine Meryl Brown and Marsha Haygood)

[60:00] Planning your exit strategy – how to know when to tap out

[101:20] Find more at Springintoleadership.com

[102.30] END

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Books Referenced in this episode:

Pearls for the Journey: A Guide to a More Fulfilling Life (Demetria Sloan) https://amzn.to/3tU13EE

The Little Black Book of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women (Elaine Meryl Brown and Marsha Haygood) https://amzn.to/3dLdahq

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