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"Welcome to 'CX in The Wild,' where exploration meets innovation in the world of Customer Experience. Hosted by Dennis Wakabayashi, The Global Voice of CX, this captivating podcast journeys to the heart of the industry, often on location, to converse with the leaders and visionaries who are shaping the future of CX across various sectors worldwide.

Join Dennis as he uncovers the strategies, insights, and passions that drive these trailblazers, diving deep into their experiences, successes, and challenges. From Fortune 500 companies to vibrant startups, 'CX in The Wild' transcends boundaries, offering a global perspective that resonates with professionals from all walks of life.

With over three decades of experience and an influential presence in the CX field, Dennis engages listeners with compelling talks, inspiring stories, and practical wisdom, all woven into a narrative that educates and empowers. Each episode is a masterclass in understanding the importance of building genuine connections with customers and transforming customer-centric efforts into lasting success.

Whether you're a seasoned CX expert or a curious newcomer, 'CX in The Wild' is a passport to the diverse world of Customer Experience, filled with exclusive interviews, unparalleled insights, and the tools you need to excel. Join us as we venture into the wild terrains of CX, unlocking the secrets that enable businesses to thrive in an ever-changing landscape."

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Leading with Technology: A New Era in Customer Engagement
Leading with Technology: A New Era in Customer Engagement
Send us a Text Message.In this episode of CX in the Wild, we dive into the intersection of artificial intelligence and human insight, exploring how this blend is revolutionizing customer interactions. Kelly Uhlrich, COO at Humach, shares her extensive experience in integrating technology and customer service, highlighting the evolution from traditional call centers to innovative customer engagement strategies.Celebrating Women's History Month, Kelly discusses her leadership approach, emphasizing the balance of strength and empathy. With a background in pioneering customer service solutions, she outlines how Humach has embraced AI and automation to enhance both customer satisfaction and agent capabilities.We explore Humach's journey towards automation, including the creation of Humach Labs, a platform for experimentation and innovation. Kelly stresses the importance of adopting AI to stay competitive, sharing success stories of improved efficiency and customer engagement.Looking to the future, Kelly offers advice to aspiring leaders and innovators, encouraging them to embrace change and seek supportive environments for growth. This episode is a must-listen for those interested in the dynamic relationship between technology and human interaction in customer service.Kelly Uhlrich on LinkedIn: more about Kelly's work at their website: with me, Dennis Wakabayashi:
From Operational Efficiency to Empathy: AI's Role in Redefining CX
From Operational Efficiency to Empathy: AI's Role in Redefining CX
Send us a Text Message.Join us as we dive into the world of AI and customer experience with Simon Kriss, director of the CX Innovation Institute in Australia. Simon unravels the complexities of AI in the customer service domain, explaining its current state, potential, and the myths surrounding it. Unlike the clunky chatbots of yesterday, Simon envisions a future where conversational and generative AI work in harmony, creating chat experiences that feel genuinely human.This shift promises not only to enhance customer interactions but to revolutionize operational efficiency and agent support. Simon also shares his journey through the CX landscape, from his early fascination with AI to witnessing its recent transformative effects in contact centers. Through examples like Expedia’s chat GPT-enabled travel planner, he illustrates AI's capability to engage in meaningful dialogues, making customer service more intuitive and personalized.Moreover, Simon addresses the potential risks and ethical considerations of deploying AI, urging businesses to approach its adoption with awareness and preparedness. As we look towards 2024, Simon emphasizes the importance of experimenting with AI today to stay competitive and meet evolving customer expectations. This episode is a must-listen for anyone curious about the intersection of AI and customer experience, offering insights into how AI can amplify our human qualities rather than replace them.Simon Kriss on LinkedIn: more about Simon's work at their website: with me, Dennis Wakabayashi:
Designing Change: The Power of Journey Maps
Designing Change: The Power of Journey Maps
Send us a Text Message.Dave Seaton, CEO of Seaton CX, takes us through his innovative journey from a software engineer to a leading figure in customer journey mapping. Situated in Grapevine, Texas, Dave has revolutionized the way companies understand and improve their customer experiences. With a unique blend of technical expertise and a deep understanding of customer empathy, he crafts customized journey maps that don't just illustrate customer paths but catalyze significant organizational change.This episode delves into Dave's methodology, emphasizing the importance of direct customer engagement and strategic problem-solving in creating effective journey maps. He shares insights into the transformative power of these maps, designed not only to be visually compelling but to drive empathetic understanding and action across all levels of an organization.Listen as Dave discusses the challenges and triumphs of launching Seaton CX during the pandemic, leveraging the shift to remote work to pursue his passion for enhancing customer experience. His vision for 2024 is to expand his unique approach, the Dharma method, helping more businesses grow by genuinely meeting their customers' needs. Dave offers invaluable advice for executives on utilizing journey mapping to make impactful decisions. Join us for a fascinating conversation on the art and science of customer journey mapping with Dave Seaton.Dave Seaton on LinkedIn: more about Simon's work at their website: seatoncx.comConnect with me, Dennis Wakabayashi:
Empowering Humanity: AI's Role in the Future of Customer Service
Empowering Humanity: AI's Role in the Future of Customer Service
Send us a Text Message.Diving into the heart of AI-driven customer experience, we chat with Anna Startseva, Director at Freshworks. As Freshworks celebrates its 13th year, Anna shares how the company leverages AI to revolutionize customer service across multiple channels, making advanced technology accessible to businesses of all sizes. She demystifies AI for the customer experience sector, emphasizing Freshworks' approach to seamless, built-in AI features that bolster both agent efficiency and decision-making for leaders.Addressing the challenges of AI integration, from security concerns to the transformational hurdles businesses encounter, Anna highlights the importance of empathy and human connection in customer interactions. With Freshworks at the helm, she illustrates a future where technology enhances rather than replaces the human element in customer service. The discussion also covers Freshworks' latest innovations, like instant coaching for agents and insightful analytics for leaders, illustrating a commitment to improving operational performance with AI.Anna's insights invite listeners to explore AI's potential firsthand, underscoring the importance of staying engaged with emerging technologies. Join us for a forward-looking conversation on how Freshworks is shaping the future of customer experience with AI.Anna Startseva on LinkedIn: more about Jason's work at their website: with me, Dennis Wakabayashi:
Transforming  Transparency in Telecommuting
Transforming Transparency in Telecommuting
Send us a Text Message.In this episode, we delve into an innovative breakthrough that's revolutionizing how remote customer experience teams connect, thrive, and perform. Our guest, Jason Hiland, shares the inspiring journey behind Collaboration Room, a platform that's not just about adapting to remote work but about fundamentally changing the dynamics of team interactions in a digital-first world.Discover the secret sauce that makes Collaboration Room a game-changer for enhancing engagement, productivity, and security in remote settings. From its inception during the pivotal moments of 2020 to securing a patent for its unique approach to virtual collaboration, we explore how this platform mirrors the physical contact center environment, enabling supervisors and teams to interact as if they were physically together.Listeners will gain insights into the strategic use of AI to maintain operational efficiency and data security, ensuring that the transition to remote work amplifies rather than diminishes team capabilities. This conversation not only highlights the platform's impact on call center operations but also its broader implications for fostering a more connected, efficient, and secure remote work culture across industries. Join us for an enlightening discussion on transforming transparency in telecommuting, showcasing a visionary approach to redefining remote work for customer experience professionals.Jason Hiland on LinkedIn: more about Jason's work at their website: with me, Dennis Wakabayashi:
Navigating the AI Revolution with a Human Touch in Customer Experience
Navigating the AI Revolution with a Human Touch in Customer Experience
Send us a Text Message.In this engaging episode, we sit down with Eman Talaat, the Head of Experience Design at the Department of Government Enablement Abu Dhabi. Recorded in a quaint coffee shop in Dubai, Eman shares her extensive journey spanning over 20 years in the CX and UX landscape, having worked with prestigious organizations like Abu Dhabi Government, Dubai Government, and Majid Al Futtaim.Eman dives into the vital topic of ethics in artificial intelligence, emphasizing the human-centric approach in this technological revolution. She discusses her commitment to protecting users' interests and ensuring that AI developments remain aligned with ethical standards and moral considerations.We also explore Eman's perspectives on hyper-personalization in AI, the importance of accurate user data, and her innovative ideas for revamping traditional terms and conditions to be more user-friendly and transparent. Eman's vision for AI in customer experience is both thought-provoking and inspiring, highlighting the need for continuous learning and adaptation in this fast-evolving field.Join us for this enlightening conversation with Eman Talaat, as she provides valuable insights into the ethical dimensions of AI and its impact on the future of customer experience design.Eman Talaat on LinkedIn: more about Dina's work at their website: with me, Dennis Wakabayashi: