Meet Kashi Chellen

Women In Power

14-09-2023 • 45 min

In this episode, I spoke to Kashi Chellen, who currently works at The Happiness Index. We discussed her time at Watford Grammar School for Girls. She also talks about her career journey and when she was diagnosed with ADHD at a later stage in her adult life.Topics Discussed:
  • What her childhood was like
  • Who influenced and inspired her growing up
  • What her school life/journey was like
  • Discusses when she was diagnosed with ADHD
  • What was university life like?
  • What her life was like graduating and applying fro graduate jobs
  • What she’s currently doing now
  • How have you built confidence and/or resiliency over the course of her career
  • How she balances her career and personal life
  • She tells us something about herself that her work don’t know
  • What are her biggest challenges at right now
  • Where she sees herself in five to ten years
  • What should would tell her younger self
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