Meet Dame Helen Hyde

Women In Power

05-09-2023 • 35 min

In this episode, I sat down with my former head teacher Dame Helen Hyde. We talked about her time as headteacher at Watford Grammar School for Girls and some of the changes she has seen in education over the years. She's a great woman who gives a lot of her time to charity and talks about how she got into teaching, as well as discussing her experience becoming a dame.Topics Discussed:

  • Who inspired her growing up?

  • Her first few years coming to the UK with her husband?

  • Her love and passion for learning and education

  • Her early years as a teacher?

  • Her time at Watford Grammar School for Girls

  • Her experience becoming a dame

  • She spoke about her charity work and her as a Chair Trustee for Jewish Heritage

  • What she would tell her younger self and any advice she would tell women today

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