How to Handle Jealousy (and Envy) in Your Relationships

Hello Hayes

23-01-2024 • 38 min

In this week's episode, Hayes dives into a subset of emotions we're usually too ashamed to talk about: jealousy. And envy. Because apparently they're two different things?? Up until last week, Hayes was using the words synonymously...but not anymore. Hayes gets personal in this episode, sharing her contradicting feelings about her 2020 wedding to how her relationship with "beauty" has evolved over time. We have letter writers, too, all in tough situations: First we have Third Wheel, who has concerns about her husband’s flirtatious friendship with a college friend. Then there's Aching Auntie, who isn't ready to have a baby herself...but feels jealous of her pregnant sister-in-law. And at the end we hear from Resentful Roommate. This one has a friend, also a roommate, who’s always been “the pretty one” of the group. Now that friend has what seems like the perfect boyfriend, and, our letter writer just can’t feel happy for her.  Send your advice letters to Follow Hayes on Instagram and TikTok. Watch the episode on YouTube.