Millionaire Mindset EP 15

The Accidental Millionaire

04-03-2022 • 20 min

In this episode we talk about the difference of playing to WIN versus  playing NOT TO LOSE. Initially this was a hard concept for Darren as he only knows how to PLAY TO WIN.

We talk about how this plays out in sports and how when your focus is on playing NOT TO LOSE, you act differently. You become more defensive…and you can’t win if you are always playing defensively. You need to be playing offensively to score! This is the same principle with growing wealth, or anything in life.

As usual, this duo has some great laughs while they chat it out…and Kim even shares a super funny (albeit embarrassing for Darren) story about Darren and hockey!!!

This episode has some takeaways, and even some homework if you dare to get into a millionaire mindset!

References to the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mindset, by T. Harv Eker. Everyone should have one on their shelf!

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