Who’s Who in the Zoo EP: 6

The Accidental Millionaire

01-01-2021 • 43 min

You’ve asked about the kids so in this episode Kimberley and Darren share about their blended family. The kids were young when they met and married. When they brought their 2 families together, it was a challenge.

Both were the primary care giver of their children when they married. Darren has two daughters and one son, and Kimberley has a son as well.

The early years were very intense. Feeling under attack regarding custody and other issues, they share how they often felt like they had no choice but to fight back. Family was (and is) everything for them, so giving up or giving in wasn’t something they considered.

Emotions surface as they recall how hard and emotional it was to keep their family together. They also dealt with loss, separation, grief, and the challenges that came with co-parenting.

All of this created a huge financial strain and a large amount of debt. Darren shares how at the time, he wondered if they would ever recover financially. Through it all they focused on their family values and did what they thought was right, especially for their children.

This episode is a peek into Kimberley and Darren’s story; the early years.

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