Steps to Growing Wealth EP: 5

The Accidental Millionaire

18-12-2020 • 18 min

The steps to growing wealth are often steep, slippery and sometimes you can fall along the way.

Kimberley and Darren go back to the “penny” days of their early years. Living paycheck to paycheck was their norm when they first married. Buying their first home, was the beginning of connecting to their money. It wasn’t easy.

Darren explains the hoops they had to jump through to get approved for that first mortgage. At the time, it didn’t feel like the first step to growing wealth. Kimberley shares how it was the first time they could see a new way to grow wealth beyond a bigger paycheck.

A big change in mindset happened when they purchased that first home. Kimberley and Darren said this was the shift from pennies to dollars.

Coming up, dollars to hundreds of dollars!

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