Fear Factor! EP: 12

The Accidental Millionaire

02-04-2021 • 17 min

Kimberley is going solo today!

She’s talking about fear. Specifically, the fear that she sees and hears about from her women entrepreneur clients.

It’s universal.

Kim explains that this phenomenon shows up everywhere. It doesn’t matter if you are doing a side-hustle, in start up mode, or in growth mode. Fear shows up, even when we know better.

Who are you really afraid of judging you?

The answer may surprise you. The people who care about us are often the ones we worry will judge us or not understand us. It often stops us from going all out.

Kim explains her fear and how she addressed it.

When it’s time for you to do the thing, and fear shows up, Kim has an exercise for you to do to help you understand what (or who) is truly stopping you. Then, you can take next steps to move beyond your fear.

You don’t have to face this alone.

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