The Ties that Bind EP: 4

The Accidental Millionaire

04-12-2020 • 25 min

Why family business? Kimberley and Darren have had 3 (so far) and they explain how that’s worked for them. Is a family business a good idea for you?

Kimberley explains that she wanted to raise her children to be independent, but they hoped they would stick around and work in the businesses.

Everyone wants their kids to succeed and Kimberley and Darren are no different. It’s a blessing to work with your family but it doesn’t come without challenges.

Seeing the growth in your children is rewarding and heartwarming. There is a concern that they feel obligated or trapped which isn’t what they ever wanted. Now they are encouraging them to branch out, do their own thing and be confident to do what’s right for them.

They also unpack:

Does working together make you a tight-knit family?
How do you manage family get-togethers and avoid talking about work?
Hear how gender roles have impacted how family members interact.

How great would it be to hear with their kids think about working with mom and dad?

Let them know (we vote yes!) and come back for the next episode to find out if they are going to make an appearance on the podcast.

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