That’s a wrap! Reflections from Season One EP: 10

The Accidental Millionaire

26-02-2021 • 26 min

Kimberley and Darren reflect on their first podcast season. They share their favorite parts of their podcast journey and a few of the things that were hard for them. To their credit, they both stepped out of their comfort zones and there’s no looking back now!

They admit that it wasn’t always easy to get the recording done, but that didn’t stop them. They are definitely more comfortable now.

Don’t miss the season 2 preview! They will be sharing their insights regarding business ownership and entrepreneurship. Additionally, mind-set around business growth is one of the things that they plan to discuss.

They wrap up with info about their new condo in the Sunshine Coast area of BC. For Kimberley it’s going back home, but she admits that as the move (2 month stay, not forever) approaches she’s feeling some resistance.

Follow their move journey on Instagram and after a short break they’ll be back with season 2!

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