The Imperfect Mum podcast

Natasha Nyeke

Have you heard of Matrescence? If the answer is No and you are feeling stuck overwhelmed and like you've lost who you are in Motherhood this is the Podcast for you.

I'm Natasha a Mum and Therapist and my goal as a Mother is to show my kids that happiness isn't just a myth you read about in fairy tales. I'm on a journey to normalise the transition we go through as Mothers and help you not just survive it but create lives that feel even better than they did before you became a parent.

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Why raising secure kids starts with reparenting yourself.
Why raising secure kids starts with reparenting yourself.
Join me on a heartfelt and personal episode of the Happy Mum Life podcast, where I share my journey to creating a secure attachment style with my children.We often hear about the importance of helping our children feel safe and loved to foster a secure attachment, but the truth is, the real work begins with us—the parents.This episode is all about embracing imperfections and finding happiness as a Mum. It's not about being perfect; it's about being the happiest Mum possible. When we radiate positivity and confidence, our children flourish too.As role models for our little ones, it's essential to acknowledge that creating a secure attachment starts with our own emotional well-being. Join me as I share my experiences, struggles, and triumphs in modelling a secure and happy outlook in motherhood.Let's be honest; it's challenging to model feeling secure when we're not, but together, we can navigate this journey and learn valuable tools to create a nurturing and loving environment for our children.Tune in now and be part of this empowering conversation that celebrates the joy of parenthood and the transformative power of secure attachment.Subscribe to the Happy Mum Life podcast for more inspiring episodes that remind us that being a happy Mum is the ultimate gift we can give to our children.Let's take the first step towards a more joyful and fulfilling motherhood journey. See you on the show!Let me know what you think either in the comments or follow me on Instagram @mamatherapy_bnLink Nicole Rose Nervous system reboot  masterclass link Brene brown ted talk Power of Vulnerability linkHappy Mum group programme starts on 12th September- Join the waitlist now link