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Nancy Anderson (M.S. Kinesiology) is a certified fitness trainer, nutrition specialist, pre and postnatal expert, and the Founder and CEO of Nancy Anderson Fit, Move Your Bump, and Treadthrill. She is fired up and passionately motivated about helping moms and moms-to-be live their best and healthiest lives, and is literally living her dream job helping women all over the world do just that. read less
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'Calories In, Calories Out' is Misleading and Outdated: Here's Why!
'Calories In, Calories Out' is Misleading and Outdated: Here's Why!
In this ep I am diving into why the "calories in calories out" method is not only misleading but is missing the consideration for many factors that can impact results, weightloss and over health when trying to lose weight or achieve optimal health using this outdated method. Now, I'm not saying calories don't matter at all or that you should never pay attention to them. For example, it's reasonably true that if you’re overeating or eating too much, you need to eat fewer calories. Like, if you're constantly consuming a surplus of calories and not moving enough to burn them off, then these calories will get stored as body fat, so you want to avoid that. But this doesn't mean you should strive for a "negative energy balance" and swing the pendulum from too much to too little.  Simply put, if you’re not eating enough calories to support physical exercise and the basic energy costs of being alive, then you're shooting yourself in the foot and making it harder to lose weight—if anything you're increasing your risk of weight gain for the reasons we just talked about.  Logically this all make sense, right? Like, just imagine what would happen if you put your car into a "gasoline deficit," didn't fuel it enough, and then tried to drive around all day. I know the human body is more complex than a car, but it's a fair comparison, and it just sounds cuckoo doesn't it?  My point is, when it comes to fat loss or even just health overall, quality matters. Portions matter. Macros matter (macros tell us what TYPE of calories we're consuming and helps us ensure we're getting all the raw materials we need for a healthy gut, brain, and body). Timing matters. MOVEMENT matters. And sure, I think calories matter TO A DEGREE...but I think it’s incredibly misleading for fitness industry folks to value and emphasize calories over everything else.  Links to my programs: Find me on twitter: Find me on insta: Find me on linked in: Treadthrill: Move Your Bump: Subscribe to my podcast and leave a review! I'll be picking one winner every week to win one of my digital programs (your choice!)