Motherhood Flow with Hannah Gill | VBAC Doula and Birth Educator

Hannah Gill | VBAC Mom, VBAC Doula, and Childbirth Educator. Your go-to VBAC podcast with a bit of the ebbs and flows of pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and motherhood.

Welcome to Motherhood Flow, your go-to parenting podcast with a good mix of VBAC preparation tips and VBAC birth stories. While I focus heavily on VBAC and prevention of unnecessary c-sections, you can bet I'll be discussing topics from preconception to birth, to mothering toddlers and navigating your relationship after children, I cover it all here. Get ready for insightful conversations, expert interviews, and personal stories. Motherhood Flow is your space to walk through birth and motherhood on your terms, ensuring you're being an active participant in your own story. read less
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How to Prepare for the Birth You DON'T Want with HeHe Stewart
How to Prepare for the Birth You DON'T Want with HeHe Stewart
Send me a text if you have any questions or comments!Imagine walking into labor and delivery prepared with the knowledge and confidence to advocate for the birth experience you've envisioned. That's exactly what HeHe Stewart, from Tranquility by HeHe and The Birth Lounge, is here to talk about. We talk about ways to turn the often overwhelming task of birth planning into a strategic, thoughtful process, giving you the upper hand in navigating your unique situation.Crafting a birth plan isn't just about putting preferences on paper—it's a vital exercise in critical thinking and assertive communication with your care providers. In our conversation, we discuss the misconceptions surrounding birth plans and highlight their role in achieving a satisfying birth experience. Starting these conversations early in prenatal care can significantly influence the labor process, helping to maintain autonomy and minimize unnecessary medical interventions. We also dive into effective communication and focus on fostering a collaborative environment with your healthcare team, which can lead to a less stressful birth experience.HeHe and I also talk about preparation for a low-intervention birth within a system that often leans towards medicalized birthing practices. We apply many of the concepts in this episode to VBAC specific situations including comparing the difference between VBAC tolerant and truly VBAC supportive providers.After listening to this episode you'll be ready with the tools needed to clearly communicate your wishes and navigate the birth process with your team, ensuring your voice is heard every step of the way.Connect with HeHe: the Show.Download the First 3 Steps to VBAC Guide: the Doula VBAC and Repeat Cesarean Guide: --- Send in a voice message: