13- Bruce Willis in Juárez (Displaced During COVID-19, Part 1)

Beyond Soundbites

01-04-2020 • 17 min

It's difficult to maintain a spirit of concern for displaced people when our own communities and families are riddled with uncertainty and pain. Yet our own frailty can become a point of empathy for those who have long persevered through isolation, instability, and loss. And empathy can become a springboard for sacrificial action.   In the next several episodes, we'll take a detour from planned production to visit people who are doing front-line work with refugees, migrants, and asylum-seekers in North America and beyond. I hope their voices, stories, and prayers will call us to generously support displaced people during COVID-19. In this episode, we visit a migrant shelter in Juárez, Mexico and speak with leaders from Abara Frontiers.