Overcoming the Power of Rejection

Warriors ARISE

20-10-2021 • 34 min

Welcome back to the Warriors Arise Podcast! In this episode, I am joined by, Shonda Tompkins, who will share her powerful testimony of receiving love, recognizing your identity despite the labels thrown out to you, realizing that God is the actual builder in our lives, and allowing Him, the Master Creator, to guide us in continuously battling the enemies as He sharpens our swords. Join us and listen in!

[00:01 - 08:38] The Struggles of Giving Love

  • Welcoming Shonda Tompkins
  • Childhood struggles
  • Journey to freedom
  • Discovering Christianity
  • From performance-based to unconditional love
  • From earthly to heavenly focus

[08:39 - 21:53] Overcoming Fear and Recognizing Your Identity

  • The need for approval
  • Battling the demons and lies
  • Getting over the fear
  • You are the builder
  • You are not an accident
  • Finding your confidence
  • You are a priceless piece of art

[21:54 - 32:23] Embracing Freedom

  • The true meaning of being free
  • Deny the enemy’s control
  • Recognize your gift and calling
  • Surround yourself with warriors
  • We are responsible for our relationship with Christ

[32:24 - 34:04] Closing Segment

  • Connect with Warriors!
  • Closing words

Tweetable Quotes:

“When we get saved, yes, you, in that moment, are a new creation in Christ. But that doesn't mean that we won't still battle all those demons, those old lies.” – Suzi Hanson

“You're not here because of your mom or your dad. You're here because God wanted you here and way back before the world was formed.” – Shonda Tompkins

“Even if you keep pushing forward and you know, so the enemy comes in and fights, that means we're doing something right.”  – Shonda Tompkins

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