Episode 9- Being While Becoming, Audaciously !

The Create Your Best Year Podcast

13-03-2023 • 49 min

Spiritual transformational coach, empowerment speaker, and facilitator. The founder of Inher uplift consulting, as I N H E. R.

"I love to say that, because it's a play on when folks see that, oh, she works with women. But I work with humanity. The H stands for healing humanity and harmony. And I'm all about creating spaces that foster healing, allowing us to see the humanity within ourselves and cultivate inner harmony. So it was that self-liberation that leads to collective liberation. So that's the journey and the work that I am called to do"

We are individuals with different identities, backgrounds, genders, education levels, financial statuses, and all that good stuff, but at the core of it is the human.

Talking about POWER: Power over, power to, power with, and power within.

Are you seeking to have power over something? Because you know, is your ego involved? Are you really wanting the power to do something so what is the learnings, the people, you need to get around Are you looking to have power with that's coming together as the community, as a collective, being in power with other people... And it all starts with the power within you.