Episode 1: Creating Your Life's Vision with Massiel Eversley

The Create Your Best Year Podcast

19-12-2022 • 16 min

"I always want to feel that I am in a space where I'm contributing value. And that I am allowed to be, because many times we put ourselves in phases that, you know, we don't fully enjoy. But we think that it's all we're going to get.

So for example, you know, we could say that some people can think scraps is all that they can get. So if you get scraps, or you get crumbs, you stay hungry all the time. But, you know, if you kind of like, look for the full meal, or look for, for kind of like things that will align with where you are in your journey of learning. If you look at it from that perspective, you're like, you know, I want to gain these four key skill sets, I'm going to put myself in this environment, so I can learn them and you know, get really solid in this skill set. And then I can move on. And not necessarily label yourself as the role like, oh, you know, like, I'm only good enough to be here. But just know that, you know, there's a journey, and there's all these stepping stones to getting to where you want to go"

What are like three things that you are centering in your life, to make sure that this is your best year?

Massiel P Eversley

Nurse Leader I Founder at Nisus Life I Advancing Leadership