Episode 4: Shana Auguste

The Create Your Best Year Podcast

09-01-2023 • 21 min

Shana Auguste Empowerment Coach, Owner of Just LUV - Coaching & Consulting, supporting clients with behavioral changes & developing a positive self-image

About Shana:

I am a certified professional coach specializing in self-love & empowerment coaching.

I'm passionate about my personal development and building strong relationships.

I support mothers of color on their healing journey's by providing safe spaces for my ladies to nurture their authentic selves and visualize the next best version of themselves.

Together my clients & I explore self-love principles that support healing and positive self-image.

I challenge my clients to do in-depth self-reflection to understand the root of their behaviors, allowing them to see where the mindset shifts need to happen.

From the self-reflective discovery process we can then create a customized action plan that is attainable for the client.

Together we will make the NEW vision of you a REALITY!