#79 Making The Mood with Dan & Taylor Hubbuch

The Jar

06-10-2022 • 1 hora 37 min

We meet today’s guest Daniel and Tayler at a brand new vape shop that opened up in northeast Indianapolis called the mood fishers health and wellness shop. It’s a cava bar as well. Very cool space and really two great guys old friends that knew each other previously from work the industry, and they both went their separate ways for a few years only to find each other again and realize that there’s skills and what they brought to the table were vastly different but very complementary so they came together to open up the mood. They are two different sides of the same coin in a lot of that came out during the conversation. You’ll enjoy Dan’s background of the struggle, addictions, depression, framed against Tayler’s more steady, flatter path. And how even though they are opposite in so many ways, they make perfect friends. During the chat, they played off each other really well they added to each other’s questions or they had a different angle, but again complementary and then the same line hope, and gratitude.

My favorite quote from today’s episode was “trust is a leg of the table of faith”

Listening to today’s episode to understand how people we meet along the way may come back on our life in unexpected ways, and that we’d have our own journey together we’re stronger

Visit their shop: https://www.themoodindy.com/

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