The ’Evergreen’ Social Media Framework

The Independent School Management Podcast

20-10-2023 • 1 hora 11 min

Are you struggling to keep up with the daily demands of social media content? Do you scramble to post new content? Do your communications end up lost among other, more compelling messages? Do you post often enough each week?

On your lengthy list of marketing and communication job responsibilities, social media management often feels like “just another thing to do.” Many school marketers face the challenge of regularly delivering fresh content. Relying only on current events to keep things fresh not only limits your content, but it also fails to showcase the true essence and enduring mission of your school.

Introducing "The Evergreen Social Media Framework!" This three-part storytelling framework is a game changer for private school marketers, empowering you to create unlimited social content. No more last-minute scramble—instead, craft daily content that's rooted in your school's mission and unique value proposition.