Women at the Top of Telecoms and Tech

Nicola Skorko

Welcome to Women at the Top of Telecoms and Tech, the podcast for women leading in the corporate world. I am Nicola Buckley, the coach for women leaders who are a real force for good and want to make a real difference in the corporate world without sacrificing family time, neglecting themselves or compromising who they are. I take my clients on a hugely transformational journey that really changes their life. I help them to really step into their values and find out who they truly are at their heart. I help them to find their way to lead, and I help them to step past any beliefs or stories that are holding them back. This really is a podcast for women who are change-makers, who are fire starters, and they're on a quest to challenge and change the corporate world. And they dream big and they want to leave a legacy. It can be lonely at the top. It doesn't need to be anymore. I'm the coach here to hold your hands to really change the corporate world and be the leader of that you know you are. read less