Labor Day Weekend Debrief

Flight Attendant Forum

01-09-2023 • 11 min

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Welcome BACK to the Flight Attendant Forum!

This last couple weeks have been super busy on my end, as well as trying to set up a recording date w some of my friends for this weeks episode. With that being said, I am committed to sticking to the every Friday or every other Friday for new episodes so please keep an 👁 out for those!

With Labor Day commencing this weekend, I didn't want to leave you hanging without any direction as far as the podcast itself goes. In today's (very) brief debrief, I gloss over some of the hidden perks of being a flight attendant as well as what I have been up to , and what is on deck for future episodes here on the forum.

Moreover, I am working on building a Twitter/X page for all of us to communicate and hangout on so bare with me as I put that together as well. I look for that to be the main source of community for everyone who wants to or who already has been a part of the forum up to this point.

I want to thank all of YOU the listeners who have even given me and my guests time out of your day to listen and hear what its like traversing the skies on a day to day basis. Special shout-out to Nina! Thank you for your very kind words!!!

All of you have an exceptional long weekend!

See you back here next Friday!