Chapter VIII: Me As Your Flight Attendant, Sleeping Tactics, Crash Pads 101

Flight Attendant Forum

13-09-2023 • 51 min

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Welcome BACK to the Flight Attendant Forum!

Apologies for the delay on the upload of this latest installment!

Today I sit down with my good friend Megan as we come to you (semi) live from The Firebrand Hotel in Whitefish, Montana. We had been trying to get together for a long while now and bring you a fun, lighthearted episode to you! This will be part one as we have much more to dive into and dissect from each of our careers thus far, so keep an 👁 for that coming up soon!
Moreover, we discussed a myriad of topics such as how you should expect to be treated by yours truly should I be your flight attendant one day, how Megan got started flying, and some little insider secrets about how we can manage to (try) and sleep whenever we can! Additionally, we talk about the advantages and disadvantages of crash pads and how they can be a lifeline to flight attendants who first start out fresh out of training!

Thank you all SO so much who have listened to the forum and have continued to be repeat downloaders to this point. I cannot thank YOU enough!

Enjoy today and everyday!

Talk soon as always :)