Chapter XII: Horizon Air Flight 2059 + Mental Health

Flight Attendant Forum

30-10-2023 • 26 min

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What's cookin everyone!

Welcome BACK to the flight attendant forum!

If you are new the flight attendant forum, I want to offer a very warm welcome to you as this is a platform for flight attendants, pilots and all crew within the aviation industry! However, this also serves as a travel community whether you are voracious traveler or just someone who wants to know a little behind the scenes about what it is like working for an airline!

This weeks episode, I delve into the recent events that occurred on Horizon Air Flight 2059 regarding a pilot who was riding on the jump seat in the cockpit and all details entailed within. While this weeks episode is a solo episode, I wanted to shine spotlight not only on what the likely vibe was during this emergency, but to highlight the importance of mental health in a career field that is mostly spent away from home. Moreover, I will be teaming up with Megan in the future as well as other friends/colleagues of mine to dissect this further. For now, I wanted to simply open up the can of uncomfortable worms, so to speak, regarding mental health and the impact it can have on being a flight attendant/pilot.

Thanks for listening as always!!

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