Chapter XX: Hubs We Like/Don't Like, Real Or Fake News, What's In Your Bag?, Trips Coming Off The Rails

Flight Attendant Forum

29-03-2024 • 1 hora 8 min

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Welcome BACK to the Flight Attendant Forum!

Thank ALL of YOU who have been riding with us as we come to you with chapter 20!

This has been a ton of fun to bring you our personalities and try to unveil the secrets of the flight attendant and aviation world!
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This week Megan and I talk about a plethora of fun topics: She cultivated a little game show for me to be on (spoiler I did not win anything lol) yet, we had lots of fun dissecting some of our hubs, our recent trips we were on, and also a new segment that I look forward to developing.... Whats in your bag?! Megan digs through my work bag and finds something, well, that I did not even know was in there (its not a good thing). We also discussed some stories that may or may not have made headlines over the last year as well!

Thanks so much and enjoy this installment!

Talk soon :)