Chapter XIX: Flight Attendants’ Mental Health, Spring Break Travel, Looking Presentable, I Got A New Lunchbox

Flight Attendant Forum

22-03-2024 • 1 hora 6 min

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Welcome BACK to the Flight Attendant Forum!

Thank ALL of YOU for sticking with us as we continue to build out this platform and serve as a beacon for all things travel and a resource for all things aviation related. We are both so happy that YOU our listeners have found respite here when you need a good laugh, or a travel tip for your next vacation. This is only the beginning!

This week Megan and i discuss the vital importance of caring not only for yourself but for the people around you in the best capacity that you can. Mental health amongst our demographic is certainly something that is overlooked and needs to be further highlighted. Our job can be littered with loneliness and it is an inherent challenge to fill the downtime that we have so much of. If you or anyone is suffering from any sort of depression or anxiety or just need to talk to someone, that can make monumental changes for the better. It’s ok to be not ok and sometimes I think it’s important to remind ourselves of that. Moreover, we covered what it is like working during spring break, dressing up (or down) when traveling, and a couple of other tidbits along the way.

We hope you enjoy this new episode and we look forward as always giving you a behind the scenes look into our lives  and so many that traverse the skies on a daily basis!

Talk soon :)