Chapter XXI: Megan And I Missed You, One Burning Question, How Do Flight Attendants Schedules Work?

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25-04-2024 • 1 hora 13 min

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Welcome BACK to the FFF!

Megan and I are thrilled to back in fold and hear to resume our duties as two flight attendants just trying to share what it is like to be traversing the skies and hopefully one day, we will get to have one of YOU on our flights!

Today, we took some time to catch up, briefly cover a few small topics before taking a deeper dive into how our schedules work and how different they are from someone who works a 9-5. Moreover, we gloss over the advantages and disadvantages we have when we bid for our schedules. Tomorrow Megan and I begin a 3 day trip and we look forward to speaking to guys next week as we get the FFF back on track!

Thank YOU all so much!

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Talk soon and enjoy
Colin and Megan!