Chapter IX: From Tenerife, Canary Islands

Flight Attendant Forum

28-09-2023 • 44 min

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This week Nick and i (who you heard from in chapter V) are coming to you from the captivating landscape that is the Canary Islands, in southern Spain. We chose this as a destination to visit and couldn't have been more stoked on everything the beautiful island of Tenerife has to offer to its travelers. In addition, (as if this was a surprise) we chose to come here because as flight attendants you do indeed have the world at your disposal so while sometimes the last thing we want to do is get back on a plane and go somewhere, options like these make it a little more palatable. Nick and I spent time summarizing our trip to Tenerife, got sidetracked a couple times, and glossed over what it is like being a standby traveler (for those of you who have experienced it).

While we wanted to keep recording time was unfortunately not on our side as we needed to prepare for our journey back. If you want to hear more of Nick and I in future episodes please let me know. Either way this will not be the last time Nick is on the forum! We had a great time recording this short stack episode and hope to bring you other unique perspectives from places that we are currently traveling within or have been in the future!

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