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Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions

01-10-2023 • 47 min

Hello and welcome back to the latest Podcast Episode of The Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions where we bring you all the Original Sounds complete with Cutting Edge Grooves. On this weeks Podcast I'v included to farely  old tracks from 1994 from the very first Serious Nubian output Project called Confrontations the tracks are titled As You Were and  A Better Way .Send me your comments as to what you think of both Tracks.I'm thinking about reissuing the whole album .It will be alot of work though.Also i'v spent some time re doing the website i'v managed to shuffle things around a bit and have it a bit more organized and managable. Theres a new proper Shop page on the website now where all the merchandise is properly arranged and organized looks neat to .So now its that much easier to navigate when you're purchasing Digital Downloads of my Music .You can go to https://www.seriousnubian.com/new-products-merchandise or just clip on the Digital Music Shop Tab when you go to http://www.seriousnubian.com. Also keep sending me your Comments via e-mail  in the process of organizing them so that i will be able to read some of them next time.
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