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11-07-2023 • 54 min

Hello and welcome back to the latest Podcast Episode of The Ultimate Vibe Audio Music Productions. More Cutting Edge Grooves and more Original Funky Music are bought for you by your ever-friendly host. Well, how about that weather finally some sunshine. I was out and about enjoying it today. But I have to say that the sunshine weather brings out the fine young ladies in their sunshine attire one can't help but look. This morning I had to drive to St Catherine's to give a blood sample after my usual health check-up. I almost made a mistake but I managed to hold back. As I had my arm out for the nurse to draw blood from it her chest was right above my hand to mind you my hand was clenched like a fist but me being the playful character I can be I almost grabbed her boobs mind you it was on my mind but I managed to restrain myself. But as I mentioned I did have the thought of grabbing them it might have turned ugly even a law suite even but you never know she might have enjoyed it but it's just as well that I didn't. But changing the subject from women's cleavage to music the other day I was watching a DVD from my collection of a British Music show called The Old Grey Whistle Test this show first broadcast originally in the early 1970's I couldn't watch it when it first aired because it was originally broadcast on BBC 2 and I couldn't watch it because 1. it was on too late for me on a school night and 2. we didn't have BBC 2 at the time with the bloody TV license. We managed to get BBC 2 eventually later on this was around 1974 I remember getting my first exposure to Return To Forever Chic Corea and Co on this very show. But my point is after watching some of the bands featured on my DVD copy of The Old Grey Whistle Test I suddenly realized just how much I miss watching those types of bands on those types of shows on  TV. In the 70s on the BBC, there was The Old Grey Whistle Test, Rock Goes To College which was on every Sat evening, and Sight & Sound In Concert which was also featured on the BBC on a Sat evening. The BBC dropped the ball when they stopped broadcasting those shows because you just don't see those types of shows on the box anymore. I'm not sure if folks in the UK still need to buy a TV license but the BBC should get their finger out of their collective butts and bring these types of quality shows back. There are still Great Bands & Great Musicians out there that need to get the recognition they deserve.

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