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Episode 429 - Scott Mautz. The Mentally Strong Leader

Becoming Your Best | The Principles of Highly Successful Leaders

07-05-2024 • 30 min

The opposite of "mentally strong" isn't "mentally weak." We all have a solid baseline from which we can build; it all depends on strengthening our mental muscles using the right habit-building tools.

In today's episode, the amazing Scott Mautz teaches us to strengthen our minds and achieve more, even (and especially) during difficult times. Scott is a riveting Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur, Best-selling Author, and Trainer. He is a former Procter & Gamble Senior Executive and the Founder and CEO of Profound Performance, his keynote and workshop company. His book, "Leading from the Middle," became an Amazon #1 bestselling, "Find the Fire," and "Make It Matter" earned several awards. His latest book, "The Mentally Strong Leader," promises to break down the secrets to the leadership superpower of our times, mental strength.

Throughout our conversation, you'll hear about how Scott revamped the meaning of "reaching the next level" in his career and the moment he decided to step away from his successful corporate job to pursue his purpose and start his own thing. Scott also shares his thoughts on mental strength, training the mental muscles, controlling negative emotions to prevent them from taking over, and much more.

Tune in to Episode 429 and ignite profound performance by strengthening your mental muscles using Scott's powerful habit-building tools.

Some Questions I Ask:

Please talk about when you decided to take the leap and do what was in your heart (6:10)

How can one become more resilient? (19:30)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

A bit about Scott's background (3:20)

What can we find in Scott's latest book, "The Mentally Strong Leader" (7:10)

Mental strength is the leadership superpower of our times (10:30)

Is it possible to manage our emotions? (15:00)

Scott shares advice on how to prepare for and conduct difficult conversations (25:00)

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