Building Confidence and Self Worth

Toward A Better Life

18-10-2023 • 1 hora 6 min

Hi and welcome to Toward A Better Life. This is your host Kevin Pennell. Think of me as your guide while we travel together, creating more fulfilling, rewarding, and healthier lives.  You won’t need much for this trek, just an open mind, spirit, and heart.  Toward a Better Life podcast features like-minded people sharing stories, ideas, and activities, on what we can do to generate a Better Life individually and collectively. This episode features Sharon Hughes Award Winning Author, Speaker, and Confidence Coach. Sharon asks the questions “What do you believe about yourself” and “Is that true?” She carries a message of hope and healing to those who struggle with insecurity, a lack of confidence and a broken self-worth. Join me now as Sharon Hughes and I talk about Building Confidence and Self Worth on this episode of Toward A Better Life.