True Life Purpose

Toward A Better Life

11-05-2023 • 56 min

Hi and welcome to Toward A Better Life. This is your host Kevin Pennell. Think of me as your guide while we travel together, creating more fulfilling, rewarding, and healthier lives.  You won’t need much for this trek, just an open mind, spirit, and heart.  Toward a Better Life podcast features like-minded people sharing stories, ideas, and activities, on what we can do to generate a Better Life individually and collectively. In this episode, I’m talking with Bill Heinrich. Bill has been a successful businessman owning businesses since he was 25. He made money, but wasn’t happy, he was miserable. He decided to to change knowing there was something he was called to do. He began his spiritual quest alone on a beach in Mexico which transitioned into a 25 + year journey which continues today. Bill cracked the code and is able to show people how to identify, access, and live their…Their True Life Purpose. Join me as Bill Heinrich and I discuss True Life Purpose.

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"Listeners can download a free copy of my book "Clarity Has No Story". Everyone has a tendency to get trapped in their stories. This is the reason that we struggle, protecting our stories and beliefs. It blocks our clarity and creates suffering, stress and overwhelm in our life. The book explains how to use your language to create more power, potential and abundance in your life.  Our ability to communicate with clarity is the key to living a fulfilled and abundant life."